All Sabrina Franchini bags are made with fine, high quality Italian made materials. Sabrina Franchini collection consists of Italian chemical tanned leather and Italian vegetable tanned leather. They are both fine and beautiful natural leathers.
Italian vegetable tanned leather in particular is a classic leather, warm, strong and somehow personal that ages beautifully, showing its best touch over time, according to wearer’s lifestyle.
Italian vegetable tanned leather is a material without any protective chemical top finish and it requires specific foreknowledge.
Leather surface will change over time and will be scratched, becoming more and more personal.

Natural colorways (such as cuoio or nude) will progressively darken over time when exposed to the sun or strong light.
Exposure to rain or water will create spots.
Sabrina Franchini recommends avoiding rain and accepting the beautiful, progressively evolving patina created by personal daily use as a sign of authenticity and individualità.
For advice on general maintenance and care Sabrina Franchini recommends to consult a professional, trusted leather good repair store.
For home care commercial leather cleaning and polishing products are available in drugstores.