Sabrina Franchini Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Collection – ARTISANAL

Sabrina Franchini collections reflect the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. These collections include bags with a contemporary edge, made from fragrant leathers and simple constructions which bring out their outstanding quality. They are precious, imperfect accessories, handcrafted and designed to last; practical, wearable bags, which add a touch of unique charm and smart-chic style, in contrast to all standardised, iconic designs.
Sabrina Franchini offers two lines.

Five Shopping Bag models.
Slow Fringe, Little Fringe and Topanga: stylish fringes adorn and add movement to these high-impact bags. Unlined and made of nappa leather, they are available in five different colours. Slow and Little: unlined, lightweight, made of brushed calfskin and available in five colours. They can be folded into a small space and easily fit in a box.

This is a range of models made from vegetable tanned kidskin, which is polished to bring out its timeless, classic colours and smooth texture, supple and extremely pleasant to the touch. Metal hardware finishes add personality and uniqueness to each bag.