The Valentine’s Edit

Even if you hate Valentine’s day and you’re simply looking for an excuse to give you a gift. If you cant’be bothered with jewelry, watches, flowers or fashion bijoux, too binding or just boring.
If you think that bags & accessories are never enough for a girl. Your dream gift, the one that will make you feel adored is just a new bag. Even if you have tons of bags. Just and because you have tons of them. You simply need a new bag, now. Your first, iconic and very unique Valentine’s bag, with its own lovely pack.
Here you go with 3 handy suggestions for you or him and make your heart really pound:

  1. go for a MINI or MAXI bag from Sabrina Franchini LOVE limited edition. You both haven’t seen them yet and the also Valentine’s pack is sooo cute.
  2. If you fear a faux pas simply focus on a Sabrina Franchini LOVE GIFT CARD, it comes with its own lovely pack. Thanks to his love you’ll simply be the one coming in and choosing her own gift, with just a little help from us.
  3. If, in the end, you’re simply waiting for a tiny love thought don’t miss one of the seductive accessories in their most adorable Valentine’s inspired shades and hides. One-of-a-kind special pack included.

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